What is the British Council PMI2 Project?

The overarching aim of this collaboration with Japan is to increase our global understanding of parenting issues in relation to child health and to inform public health policy makers about the potential for improvements in parenting support. Through a process of quantitative and qualitative methods we evaluated outcomes of parenting programmes in both countries.

A series of exchange visits of researchers helped to develop an understanding and knowledge of public health and parenting support. The research teams engaged in practical visits to parenting support centres in each country and delivered seminars and lectures to students in each University.

Project Objectives

To demonstrate that open access group-based parenting programmes have a positive impact on parental stress and on child behaviour outcomes. To examine the extent to which parenting self-efficacy is related to changes in parental stress and child behaviour.

Project activities

Exchange visits to both countries to enable visits to parenting support teams, examination of public health policies on parenting, discussions of data collection and data analysis, dissemination plans.